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This meant even the knees of a 5-foot, 11-inch tall Ben weren’t squeezed up against the seat in front of him. 2X points on dining at restaurants including eligible delivery services, takeout and dining out and travel & 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases. Though RAM is not a dry airline, Benet was told there was no white wine available when she asked for some and no other option was recommended. As for non-alcoholic in-flight refreshments, it might be worth bringing your own as other than the dinner service, there were just two coffee runs and two water runs for the whole flight. (Photo by Katie Genter/The Points Guy)United really let itself down with the service on this flight. TPG writer Katie Genter reported “dismissive and otherwise unprofessional behavior from a few flight attendants. ” Many shocking of all has been being capable to hear team gossiping about other travellers on the flight. The particular dessert on Brussels Air carriers A330, that “looked such as it had come through an artisanal patisserie”.

Economy Review

The IFE was bursting at the seams with more than 1, 000 films to choose from — it takes the prize as having the most of any other airline in economy. Something to note, however, is that rows C, E, G and K did not have their own at-seat power outlets. The Wi-Fi was sluggish and the free option only included 20MB of data. (Photo by Javier Rodriguez / The Points Guy)Javi called the 13. 3-inch IFE screen the “star of the show”, which is huge for a screen in economy.

He was also impressed with the premium NOIR amenities in the bathrooms. (Photo by Wallace Cotton/The Points Guy)A snack box was also served as a light meal before landing, accompanied by a hot towel — very rare for economy. The snack box consisted of very tasty crackers, cheese, chocolates, yogurt and a fruit cup. Further snacks were also available to purchase at various points throughout the flight. (Photo by Wallace Cotton/The Points Guy)What was surprising was that there were 50 films available to watch in economy, which is more content than was available on Wallace’s outbound flight in the airline’s first-class cabin. A slight pain point is that when exiting the content you were watching to look at the in-flight map, it would restart from the beginning when you went back to it. The IFE also only worked once the aircraft was airborne and was switched off 15 minutes before landing.

Food was aplenty, with a mid-flight turkey and cheese roll (again with sub-par bread) and tasty, yet sugary, breakfast. (Photo by Katherine Fan/The Points Guy)The selection of content on the IFE was very impressive. With more than 300 films to choose from, it was one of the most expansive Kat had ever experienced on board a flight. The Wi-Fi was also strong enough that Kat was able to download the pictures she had taken for the review to her laptop — I don’t think I’ve ever been able to do that before.

(Photo by Ben Smithson/The Points Guy)The large crisp touch screen could be used from gate to gate and was stocked with more than enough content for the nearly seven-hour flight to Oman. The best bit was being handed a proper amenity kit — a very rare perk in economy and a sign that an airline that is a cut above the rest. It included sleep socks, a high-quality eye mask, comb/brush and headphones. Flying Oman Air in economy is a very pleasant way to fly between the U. K. The Dreamliner he flew on felt new and fresh, and the legroom was a respectable 32 inches.

(Photo by Ben Smithson/The Factors Guy)The most disappointing point concerning the flight was the particular service, which, as all of us know, can make or even break the whole encounter. Ben writes that the particular crew did lower than the particular bare minimum and in one point there had been at least twelve contact bells illuminated which were simply being ignored.

Sliding into this best scores list is the longest domestic red-eye flight in the U. S. In pre-COVID times, Hawaiian Airlines flew its configured A330 from Honolulu to Boston. (Photo by Katherine Fan/The Points Guy)It was a big thumbs up for the service, too. With smiley, attentive crew throughout the flight who were proactive about handing out water and drinks as well as being on the ball with the call button. Delta handed out paper menus for this flight — a huge tick when flying in economy.

It was around 90 minutes after departure before Kat was served her main meal. She said it was delicious, with the exception of a dry chicken breast and dish-sponge-textured bread roll — the lemon and caper sauce was amazing, as were the cheese and brownie to finish the meal. It was so good, in fact, that Kat even thought about asking for a second meal.